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Information on the use of cookies

The website of the company Emmeti SpA Single Member Company, via Brigata Osoppo 166 – 33074 Fontanafredda (PN), uses cookies to make its services simple and efficient for users who browse the pages.
Users accessing the site will have a small amount of information added to their devices, such as computers or mobile devices, in small text files called "cookies" that are stored in the directories used by the user's web browser.
There are various types of cookies, some to make the site experience more effective, others to enable certain functions.
On this site the following are used:

Technical cookies 
The site uses "technical" cookies such as browser or session cookies, designed to ensure normal browsing and use of the website and thus aimed at making functional and optimising browsing within the site itself.

Analytics cookies 
The site uses the Google Analytics service to obtain a complete and reliable service on statistics regarding usage of the site. In order to guarantee the users' privacy as best as is possible, in accordance with the indications set forth by the Privacy Guarantor, we wish to inform you that the IP has been made anonymous (through the removal of significant IP address components, both IPV4 and IPv6).
In addition, the site operator has also modified the settings for "data sharing" with Google Analytics, and as such Google will use the personal data recorded through the service only in accordance with the instructions given by the same Site Operator and will not share it with other Google services.
In view of the above, the user is informed that the options of advertising and data sharing with Google have not been activated and that Google Analytics has not been linked to any additional service. Processing is therefore carried out solely for statistical purposes and consequently, on the basis of what is explicitly required by the data protection authority, Analytics Cookies were equated to technical cookies and as such are installed without the prior consent of the user".

For information on the Google Analytics service:

Analytics Cookies can in any case be disabled, without any consequence of use of the site, by using the additional opt-out component provided by Google for master browsers, accessing it from the following link

Cookies to integrate third-party software products and functions
This type of cookie integrates third-party functionality within the pages of the site for the use of third-party software services.
These cookies are sent from third-party domains that offer their functionality across the web pages of the site.
    1) We use Google Maps on our "Contact Us" page to provide detailed information on how to find our locations. The information and terms of service can be found at the following link:

    2) Cloudflare Cookies CDN (Content Distribution Network) These are technical cookies used to improve site performance and offer additional protection against possible DDoS attacks. It is possible that Cloudflare uses datacenters outside the European community, but its use is certified by EU-U.S. Privacy Shield, which ensures compliance with data protection levels appropriate to European legislation.

Further information on Cloudflare CDN can be found at the following link:

    3) Youtube: used to upload videos within the pages of the site.

Installing/uninstalling cookies. Browser options
The user may object to the insertion of cookies on their device by configuring the browser used for surfing.  Using the site without changing the browser settings assumes that the user intends to receive all the cookies used by the site and to enjoy all the functionalities.

Remember that users can prevent the use of some or all of the cookies described above by configuring the browser used for navigation, following the specific instructions:

• Disabling FIREFOX cookies:
• Disabling CHROME cookies:
• Disabling INTERNET EXPLORER cookies:
• Disabling SAFARI cookies:
• Disabling OPERA cookies:

Links to other sites 
Some of the pages of the site may contain links to other websites that are not managed by the site operator and who, in any case, does not share users' personal data with those sites.
The site operator is not responsible for the content, security or the data protection measures employed by other sites and expressly disclaims all liability.