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In an under floor heating and cooling system it is very important to control the temperature of the water, to have a good comfort level and for safety reasons (floor surface protection). Considering that many heat pumps and condensing boilers are not able to maintain an exact water temperature, it is important to use an UFH mixing unit where a mixing valve is installed, together with a circulator and a air vent. Besides, in a mixing unit it is possible to include the heating manifold , or install it separately.

Under floor heating mixing units

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In a heating system based on UFH or radiators, when is the First Box mixing unit suggested?

The First Box mixing units are designed to combine areas heated by under floor heating, with areas where radiators are installed. So, with First Box mixing unit it is possible to have high temperature water flowing in the radiator area, and low temperature water flowing in the under floor heating area.

In a under floor heating application, when is the M3V mixing unit suggested?

The M3V UFH mixing unit is suggested when is necessary to supply high temperature water to 2 or 3 radiators (bathrooms), and low temperature water to the under floor heated areas.

Which is the difference between a “fix point” thermostatic mixing unit and an electronic mixing unit?

The thermostatic mixing unit is able to create a fixed temperature of the water, controlled by a thermostatic actuator and a mixing valve. The electronic mixing unit is able to modify constantly the temperature of the delivered water, by controlling it with an electronic controller which calculates the water flow temperature according to the external temperature and the comfort level. The electronic mixing unit optimize the characteristics of condensing boilers and heat pumps.

Why are the UFH mixing units now equipped with a new pump unit?

In conformity with the new ERP (Energy Related Products) EMMETI from August 1st 2015 supplies just pumps having Energy Efficiency Index (IEE) not bigger than 0,23. The target of this standard is the reduction of the energy consumption of the products involved. 

Which are the limits of the new TM3 mixing unit?

TM3 is a simplified mixing unit for underfloor heating, but it is equipped with an adjustable bypass and with a 3 way valve which are allowing very high flow rates. In general, we can confirm that there are no limits in terms of components and characteristics. 

Is the UFH mixing unit TM3 satisfying all the requirements of the standards?

Yes, the TM3 mixing unit for UFH allows the system to comply with the standards.

Is it possible to connect some high temperature loops to the TM3 UFH mixing unit?

Yes, using an accessory combined with the mixing unit, which is available in EMMETI catalogues. Using this accessory, it will be possible to connect 2 or 3 high temperature circuits.

How does the bypass work in the TM3 UFH mixing unit?

The bypass allows to set the water flow which recirculates in the low temperature side. This way the flow of water in the 3 way mixing valve will be reduced and it will work in a much more stable way.


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