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Zone valves are the easiest solution to control the temperature of the different areas of the system. A zone valve must be connected to a thermostat or to a chronothermostat, which opens or closes the valve according to the room temperature and to the selected comfort temperature. EMMETI zone valves Modulo and Modulo Compact are equipped with a end switch which closes when the valve is open, and can be used to turn on a circulator or a boiler.

Modulo Compact: zone valves

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Is it always necessary to connect the end switch in a zone valve?

The micro end switch of an electronic zone valve, is simply a contact which closes when the valve is open (2 way) or sends the water to one of the two possible directions (3 way). It can be used to activate a circulator or a boiler or a heat pump, but if not needed it is not necessary to connect it.

How many wires are necessary to connect a zone valve?

To connect a zone valve it is necessary to have phase and neutral connection (2 wires) and one wire which is connected to the thermostat and brings phase to the specific connector of the zone valve.

Are the Modulo Compact zone valves compatible with the old models?

Normally they are, considering that the Modulo Compact zone valves are compatible with the Modulo ones. They are not compatible with the Valstrong range instead, which is out of production since many years but still working in many installations.


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