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Inverter Heat Pumps, Heat pumps for potable water heating

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When should I check the anode installed inside the heat pump for potable water heating?

The magnesium anode installed inside the water tank of a heat pump for potable water heating, depends on the water characteristics, anyway we suggest to check it at least every 6 months.

Can the heat pump for potable water heating control a solar system?

Yes, the electronic controller installed on the heat pump is ready to control the solar panel sensor and to activate the solar circulator when needed, working as a differential thermostat. It is possible to easily set the temperature differential to activate the circulator.

The Mirai SMI inverter heat pump is not working and the display shows no error message, what can I do?

The inverter heat pump Mirai SMI has two displays with possible alarms, one is located on the side and one on the front of the machine. It is possible to have the alarm just on one of the two displays, anyway if it is not possible to identify the problem we suggest you to contact EMMETI after sales service.

Is it possible to heat potable water with the Mirai SMI inverter heat pump?

Yes, the Mirai SMI inverter heat pump can control a 3 way valve located in the system (not included), and it is possible to set the required temperature directly on the electronic controller of the heat pump.

Why was Mirai SMI inverter heat pump updated with a new circulator?

The Mirai SMI Inverter Heat Pump is equipped with a new circulator since Aug 1st 2015, in conformity with CE 641/2009 and UE 622-2012 standards.

Why are Mirai SMI inverter heat pump and X-Eco air conditioners now equipped with an energy label?

Mirai SMI inverter heat pumps and other products for air conditioning are equipped by an energy label since Sept 26th, 2015, according to 811/2013 EU rules.


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