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All the pressure reducers produced by EMMETI are equipped with compensated surfaces shutters, which allows to have a stable pressure on the outlet, even if the inlet pressure changes. The maximum inlet pressure is 25 bar, and the outlet pressure can be adjusted between 1 and 6 bar. The automatic air vents and other accessories available in EMMETI catalogue, are chosen and developed to complete the range of components for heating and potable water distribution systems.

Automatic air vents and Pressure Reducing Valves

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Why are there two plugs with different color in each automatic air vent?

The plugs installed on the automatic air vents have different colors because they have different functions. The red plug can be used for the manual functioning, the grey one can be used for the automatic functioning.

Why is it possible to install the plastic bottom or the brass bottom in the Top pressure reducer?

The Top pressure reducer is equipped with a plastic bottom, which can be used with cold water, normal application for a pressure reducer. In case of hot water applications, the brass bottom is recommended.

Why is the Top pressure reducer inclined?

The Top pressure reducer is inclined to increase the water flow section, which allows a higher water flow rate.


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