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Energy measurement hot/cold for high flow rates with flanged fitting andcertified data transmission

Woltmann mill counter for water heated up to 130 °C
Electronic unit technical data
Temperature range: 1 - 150 °C - Temperature difference in heating phase: 3 - 100 K
Temperature difference in cooling phase: -3 - -50 K
Storage temperature: 0 - 55 °C
Minimum temperature difference in heating phase: 0.05 K
Minimum temperature difference in cooling phase: -0.05 K
Temperature measurement resolution: 0.01 °C
Measurement frequency: every 30 seconds
Impulses: 100 litres/impulse - Display: LCD with 8 digits + special characters
Energy measurement unit: MWh
Power supply: - battery 3.6 V lithium, estimated maximum battery life 6 years (battery life is influenced by the conditions of installation and use). The battery is guaranteed for 2 years from date of sale. On these models the battery is replaceable.
M-Bus (if the instrument is connect to an M-Bus network) - Data storage EE-PROM/daily
Reading data: settable - Protection class: IP65 - Electromagnetic class: E1
Mechanical class: M1 - Temperature probes: Pt500, Ø 6 mm, cable length: 3 m
Dimensions (Length x Width x Height): 198 x 123,7 x 45,8 mm
Precision class: 2 for horizontal and 3 for vertical installation.

Communication via M-bus protocol in compliance with UNI EN 1434-3.
Use the Micro-Master and the MBCONF software or "kit USB optical head" to set the primary address of the measuring device.
The energy measuring device for high flow rates with flanged connections, the electronic unit and the temperature probes are compliant with UNI EN 1434 and certified in accordance with Leg. Dec. no. 84 of 19/05/2016 (implementation of the MID European Directive 2014/32/EU).


Item available on request: 30 days from order confirm


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