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Hot/cold energy meter with data transmission with dual pulse input for connection to up to 2 volumetric pulse-emitting meters

Accuracy class compliant with UNI EN 1434: 3 - Environmental class compliant with UNI EN 1434: C - Permanent flow rate: 1.5 m³/h (size DN15), 2.5 m³/h (size DN20) - Maximum flow rate: 3 m³/h (size DN15), 5 m³/h (size DN20) - Minimum flow rate DN1 zontal installation: 30 l/h, Vertical installation: 60 l/h - Minimum flow rate size DN20: zontal installation: 50 l/h, Vertical installation: 100 l/h - Nominal pressure: 16 bar - Flow meter temperature range: 3 - 90 °C - Electronic unit temperature range: 1 - 130 °C - Difference in flow-return temperature: 3 - 100 K - Type of sensors: Pt500 - Ø 5.2 mm - cable 1.5 mm - Power supply: battery-operated, maximum battery life, not guaranteed, 10+1 years; M-Bus, if the instrument is connected to a M-Bus network - Communication via M-Bus protocol in compliance with UNI EN 1434-3.
The energy meter is recognised by an M-Bus concentrator as a single device with a single address even if two pulse-emitting volumetric meters are linked up to it.
Use the "USB optical feeler kit" to configure the primary M-Bus address and the two pulse inputs on the meter.
Product compliant with UNI EN 1434 and certified in compliance with Italian Law Decree no. 22 dated 02/02/07 (implementation of European Directive MID 2004/22/EC).


(*) Hot/Cold


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