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Energy Combibox Floor - Built-in modules for accounting of heating and plumbing consumption with instant production of sanitary hot water

"Energy Combibox Floor" was designed to be split into two parts (supplied pre-assembled):
- The external casing, with fittings for connection to the system, which can be installed separately at first, to prevent theft or soiling of components;
- The internal module, which all components are secured to, and which is easy to install at a later date, since it features rapid fittings and lifting handles.

  • 1 Motorized diverter valve DN25 for domestic water priority
  • 2 Motorized zone valve DN20 4-way with bypass passage
  • 3 Differential bypass valve
  • 4 Impurity collection filter DN20
  • 5 Automatic air vent valve
  • 6 Drain/filling valve with adjustable connection and safety cap
  • 7 Thermostatic mixer valve DN15 for domestic water
  • 8 Priority flow switch for instantaneous production of domestic hot water
  • 9 Braze-welded heat exchanger
  • 10 Box for electrical wiring
  • 11 Control thermometer with scale 0 - 80 °C
  • 12 Ball valves DN20
  • 13 Gate valves DN20
  • 14 Measuring device for thermal energy with 3 impulsive input and M-Bus output
  • 15 Energy measurement device flow probe fitting, size M10x1
  • 16 Impulse launch domestic cold water volumetric meter
  • 17 Pipe union with non-return cartridge DN20 built-in
  • 18 Galvanized metal box with key-operated lock for partition of 120 mm.
  • 19 Thermostatic mixing valve
  • 20 Wilo Yonos Para RS 25/6 electronic circulator pump

The Energy Combibox Floor module can work in 3 different conditions:
1 - Operation in heating mode: the priority valve (ref. n. 1 introductory figure) is diverted normally to the heating side and the zone valve (ref. n. 2 introductory figure), powered by the room thermostat, is open and conveys the heat carrier fluid into the user system.
2 - Operation in domestic hot water production mode: when domestic hot water is requested by the user system, the flow switch (ref. n. 8 introductory figure) switches the position of the priority valve (ref. n. 1 introductory figure), diverting the heat carrier fluid into the primary circuit of the plate exchanger (ref. n. 9 introductory figure). When the domestic hot water request ends, the flow switch returns to its original position (contact open) and the priority valve directs the heat carrier fluid normally to the heating circuit.
3 - Operation in by-pass mode: in the case in which neither domestic hot water nor thermal energy for heating the rooms is requested, the priority valve (ref. n. 1 introductory figure) is diverted normally to the heating circuit, while the zone valve (ref. 2 introductory figure) is in the by-pass position; in this manner the heat carrier fluid coming from the central heating plant is not directed to either the user heating system or the plate exchanger, but is redirected to the central heating plant once again.

Conditions of use
Heat carrier fluid: water
Maximum heating-side fluid temperature: 90 °C
Maximum heating-side operating pressure: 6 bar
Maximum domestic hot water-side operating temperature: 85 °C
Maximum domestic hot water-side operating pressure: 6 bar
Maximum inlet temperature of domestic cold water: 30 °C

Domestic hot water priority valve technical data
Power supply: 230 Vac, 50/60 Hz
Maximum absorption: 6 W
Nominal travel time: 7.2 s at 50 Hz, 6 s at 60 Hz
Maximum operating differential pressure: 4 bar

Technical data for thermostatic mixing valve for heating water
Range of adjustment: 25 °C - 55 °C*
*Nominal conditions: TH= 65 °C;
TC=15 °C; Δp5:H - MIX = Δp5:C - MIX
Kw=1,8 - 3,3
H= hot water inlet; C= cold water inlet; MIX= mixed water outlet

Zone valve technical data
Power supply: 230 Vac, 50/60 Hz
Absorption: 4 VA
Maximum differential pressure: 6 bar
Rotation angle: 90° (in closing), 270° (in opening)
Rotation time: 60" (in closing), 180" (in opening)
Auxiliary contact: 1 - free 5 A, 230 Vac (on/off)

Braze-welded heat exchanger technical data
Plates material: stainless steel 316L
Brazing material: copper
No. plates: 24
Exchange area: 0.28 m²
Exchange coefficient KA: 2200 W/K
Kv (primary = secondary): 8,1 (m³/h)/bar4:0,5 at a temperature of 15 °C

Thermostatic mixing valve for domestic water technical data
Maximum pressure (static): 10 bar
Operating pressure (dynamic): 0 - 5 bar
Maximum inlet temperature: 85 °C
Range of adjustment: 15 - 45 °C
Kv maximum: 1.8*
Kv minimum: 1.3*
*values obtained with the following conditions:
TH = 45 °C; TC = 15 °C;
Δp5:H - MIX = Δp5:C - MIX
where: H= hot water inlet; C= cold water inlet; MIX= mixed water outlet

Flow switch technical data
Material: reinforced 66 nylon GF 30%
Maximum operating temperature: 88 °C
Maximum operating pressure: 15 bar
Flow rate: 1.7±0.3 l/min
Contact capacity: 0.2 A
Contact resistance: max 100 mΩ
Installation: horizontal

Box technical data
Box material: galvanized steel sheet, thickness 8/10 mm
Frame material: painted galvanized steel sheet (RAL 9010), thickness 8/10 mm
Lock: key
Dimensions (width x height x depth): 740x900x110 mm
Feet with adjustable height from 0 to 130 mm.
Complete with worksite cardboard protection.

Yonos Wilo Para pump RS 25/6
Conenctions - takeoffs G1 “1/2 - 130 mm.
Variable rotation speed: 800 to 4250 rpm.
Fluids used: Water cooling and heating; Water and glycol: max 1:1
Maximum statit pressure: 6.2 m - Maximum capacity: 3.3 m³/h
Max water temperature 95 ° C at room temperatures of 57 °C
Max water temperature 90 ° C at room temperatures of 59 °C
Max water temperature 70 ° C at room temperatures of 70 °C
Electrical connection 1 ~ 230 V, 50/60 Hz
Protection class IPX 4D, F insulation
Nominal engine Power: 37 W
Energy consumption by 1 ~ 230 V 3 to 45 W
Current consumption at 1 ~ 230V: 0.03 to 0.44 A
Energy Class A

In confirm to:
ErP Directive
EN 61000-6-3 / EN 61000-6-4
EN 61000-6-2 / EN 61000-6-1

Plant expansion
N.B.: testing and starting up the system are not included in the sales price

Accounting substations with instantaneous production of domestic water with sections
Accounting substations with instantaneous production of domestic water with sections


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