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Heat exchanger kit SPES 192-24P for Modular Firstbox with opposing connections

Plate heat exchanger to be used in the following types of system:
- with Boiler, to avoid the fouling of the primary circuit
- with Chiller, to use water and glycol solutions in the primary circuit
- with Fireplace, to separate the closed vessel from the open-vessel primary circuit.
Technical data
Exchange area: 0.264 m²
Exchange coefficient KA: 1.955 W/K
Kv (primary = secondary): 5.0 (m³/h) / (bar) 0.5
Plate material: stainless steel AISI 316
Brazing material: pure copper
Minimum operating temperature: -196 °C
Maximum operating pressure: 225 °C
Maximum operating pressure 45 bar on primary and secondary circuit at 135 °C
Maximum operating pressure 36 bar on primary and secondary circuit at 225 °C
Connections 3/4" M primary and secondary in stainless steel AISI 316, distance between axes 154 mm


Complete with:
nr. 2 nickel plated brass reducer with O-ring seal 1" M - 3/4" F; nr. 2 stainless steel flexible joints 3/4" M-F; nr.1 insulating shell for heat exchanger; nr. 2 reducers 1” M x 1/2” F O-ring seal; nr. 2 load and exhaust valves 1/2”; nr. 1 probe holder kit Ø 6; nr. 1 guide + bracket to mount metal box.

Note: usable in metal box with maximum 3 distribution modules.


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