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Insulation - Thermic insulation

Compliance with regulation
The principal regulation on the subject is contained in Annex B of Presidential Decree 412/93.
Note: the useful thermal conductivity for each diameter of pipe can be derived from the minimum thickness of the insulation in relation to the pipe to be insulated with respect to the outside, multiplying the thickness indicated in the table in Appendix B below by 0.3, 0.5 or 1.0 .

Example of calculation
Thermal conductivity of material = 0.040 W/m °C
External diameter of pipe / 22 mm
Position (see drawing) C
Calculation 30 x 0.3 = 9 mm
where 30 = thickness from table; 0.3 coefficient for category.
Emmeti insulating pipes, in accordance with Statute 549 of 28/12/1993, do not contain CFCs and are composed of non-toxic materials.
Insulation of heat distribution networks within thermic plants

Installation type A (A symbol)
The piping in the distribution networks for warm fluids, whether in liquid form or steam, of thermic power plants, must be insulated with a special insulating material, where the minimum required thickness determined by the following table, in relation to the diameter of the piping given in mm and the useful thermic conductivity of the insulating material shown in W/m °C at a temperature of 40 °C.

Installation type B (B symbol)
The vertical mounting of the piping is to be placed on the other side of the building’s heat insulation, towards the inside of the building, and the relevant minimum required thicknesses for the insulation, as resulting from the table, must be multiplied by 0,5.

Installation type C (C symbol)
For pipes runnning inside structures which do not face either outside or unheated rooms, the thicknesses indicated in the table just be multiplied by 0,3.

Ley 10/91

ISO GUM in expanded elastomer
ISO GUM in expanded elastomer
ISO GUM accessories
ISO GUM accessories


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