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Emmeti Climatic regulator kit for mixing units

- nr. 1 Emmeti Climatic Regulator (RCE)
- nr. 2 NTC temperature probes
- nr. 1 Probe-holder kit
- nr. 1 Wall plug for display
- nr. 1 male/female connector kit for display extension cable (connectors for 4-pin MSTB printed circuit boards)
Technical data of the climatic Regulator
Power supply: 110-230 Vac ±10%; 50/60 Hz - Double insulation - Contact capacity: 5 A / 230 Vac - Protection rating IP20 - Connected to DIN (EN 60715) guide according to standards DIN 43880 - Regulator material: Self-extinguishing PPO - Regulator colour: RAL 7035 grey - Dimensions: 6 DIN modules (95 x 105 x 82 mm) - Display material: PC/ABS - Display colour: white

Inputs and outputs climate Regulator
2 analogic inputs for NTC temperature probes (flow temperature, return/external temperature), 4 digital inputs free of voltage (heating/cooling/dehumidification consensus, change of season, remote on/off, alarms).
1 digital output for the circulator, 1 digital output for the generator consensus, 1 digital output to a floating servomotor 3 points and 1 analogic output to a modulating servomotor 0-10 V (the regulator can manage only one servomotor)
- Class of the temperature control device: Class 3; class III
- Contribution of the temperature control device to the energy efficiency of
ambient heating season in%: 1.5%

Technical data of temperature Probes
Type: NTC; 10KΩ at 25°C; IP68; cable length: 3 m; probe length 50 mm, probe diameter 6 mm

Technical data of the wall plug for display
Fixing on 503 standard box




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