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Rapid domestic hot water production module

For power up to 100 kW with ACS flow rates up to 40 l/min
Maximum allowable pressure: 6 bar
Operating pressure: 2 - 95 °C
Rated temperature of hot sanitary water 45 °C adjustable from 30 to 70 °C
Recirculation temperature adjustable up to 40 °C
Recirculation programmable on three time slots for each day of the week
Flow rate of sanitary water variable 2 - 40 l/min
Unit EHWS 3 2015 pre-wired and featuring 3 Pt1000 probes.
Anti-legionella and function and detailed metering (*) of the power used thanks to the digital sensor.
Brazed plate exchanger made of stainless steel AISI 316 with 40 plates.
Pipe couplings 3/4" M. With check valve on cold water and recirculation input (3 and 5 points).
Minimum diameters of the pipes: DN20 (Cu 22x1); DN15 for the recirculation line.
Circulation pump Yonos Para RS 15/7.0 PWM for the primary circuit.
Circulation pump ECO CIRC PRO 15-3/65 for recirculation.

Equipped with rear metal plate for mounting.

Insulation box in EPP (Dimensions: 398x500x207 mm)

(*) The instrument is not certified in compliance with Directive 2004/22/EC - MID.
  • 1 Puffer flow
  • 2 Puffer Return
  • 3 Water supply (10 ° C)
  • 4 Hot water
  • 5 Recirculation
ErP 2015


Applications: on inertial accumulators connected to thermal solar circuits, wood, pellet, biomass boilers, etc.
The device ensures the production of instantaneous sanitary hot water avoiding bacterial pollution (such as legionella) due to the stagnation of heated water in the tank.


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