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Boguard - Electronic anode

Boguard is the anode impressed current electronic entirely developed by Emmeti and self-regulating of the protection potential which safeguards any bad surfaces exposed to corrosion, as specified in accordance with DIN4753 Part 3, paragraph 4.2.3 up to 100 cm² of the inner surface of tanks and kettles made of steel and enameled with plastic resins or vitrified, within the 5000 liters capacity.
Unlike other kinds of electronic anodes on the market, Boguard counters corrosive effects without producing a significant amount of hydrogen in the tank. As well as being a flammable gas, if there are non-minimal amounts, this may lead to the deterioration of some kinds of coatings inside the tank.
BoGuard has a series of new functions that make it a unique product on the market:
1) "Booster" function upon start-up that releases the maximum potential for a limited amount of time in order to accelerate the process to ensure protection for the tank.
2) Reports optimal operation.
3) Reports excessive tank absorption.
4) Reports when the tank absorption is under the threshold, indicates when there is a poor electric contact between the equipment and the activated titanium anode or water with extremely low electric conductivity.
5) Reports if the electric circuit is open, for instance a disconnected cable between the equipment and the activated titanium anode
6) Reports a short-circuit between the positive pole and negative pole of the activated titanium anode

7) Count of the anode's operating time under optimal conditions (no faults), expressed in years and months. It is shown upon start-up and cannot be changed.
8) Detection of electric leakage and stray currents (both direct current and alternated current) affecting the tank and that might significantly contribute to corroding the inside of the tank itself.
These can be minor currents and therefore, although they do not trigger the system's electrical safety devices, they can cause considerable corrosive phenomena.
9) Reports installation faults, for instance exchangers with ineffective or missing dielectric joints.
Thanks to its features, Boguard is covered by a European patent application.

Technical data
Power supply: 230 Vac ± 10%, 50/60 Hz
Control power supply: 2.75 - 3.8 Vdc
Protection rating: IP 55
Operating room temperature: 0 - 45 °C
Electrode-holder cap threaded coupling: G 1/2’’ male
Electrode with rod, diameter 3 mm and activated titanium prod
Max consumption: 2.7 VA

Boguard electronic anode
Boguard electronic anode
RCA anode connection cable
RCA anode connection cable


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