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Recupera DRY, controlled mechanical ventilation unit with dehumidification and air treatment for horizontal installation

Connection and components
  • 1 Air/air heat recovery system;
  • 2 Compressor;
  • 3 Finned integration coil (water);
  • 4 Finned coil (evaporator);
  • 5 Finned coil (condenser 1);
  • 6 Plate heat exchanger (condenser 2);
  • 7 Centrifugal fan (room air delivery pipe);
  • 8 Centrifugal fan (air expulsion);
  • 9 Electric control board (controller and terminal board);
  • 10 Motorised damper (room air recirculation);
  • 11 Motorised damper (external air intake);
  • 12 Motorised damper (stale air intake).
  • 13 Electronic expansion solenoid valve
  • 14 Condensate drain, to connect the accessory "No-return valve" cod. 07913755

    A Room air deliver pipe (renewal + recirculation)
    B Return air from the inside
    C Intake of fresh air from the outside
    D Expulsion air outside
    E Room air recirculation

Technical characteristics
The machine is made up from a galvanised sheet structure with particular heat and noise isolation which encloses: a direct expansion cooling circuit for dehumidification of the air, an additional finned heat exchanger to connect to the heating system for summer/winter integration, a high efficiency air/air heat recovery system, motorised dampers for the adjustment of the respective air flows, accessible G4 filters positioned in the respective unit air inlet pipes, two “brushless” variable flow electric fans, a condensate collection tray, an electric control board and a remote control panel to be installed on a guide in a wall-hung electric control board.

Technical features
The air flows treated by the RECUPERA-DRY can be set via the control panel; the speed of the electric fans is adjusted automatically to ensure the pre-fixed air flow in the distribution channels and solve the relative pressure drops.
The air introduced into the environment can be made up from two air flows: renewal with heat recovery and air recirculation.
The treatments of heating/cooling/dehumidification always provide a flow of ambient air recirculation.
The renewal and recirculation flows can be combined, if desired, depending on the flow rates and the type of treatment to be carried out.

RECUPERA-DRY can be apply for:
In the summer:
• Air renewal with heat recovery (neutral air functioning);
• Dehumidifying air (recirculation with dehumidification, neutral air);
• Air renewal with heat recovery, with dehumidification and possible cooling.
In the winter:
• Air renewal with heat recovery (neutral air functioning);
• Air heating (recirculation with heating);
• Air renewal with heat recovery, with heating integration (renewal + recirculation with heating).


Refrigerant R134a (GWP = 1430): 0,56 kg - Power supply (V-ph-Hz): 230-1-50 - Sound pressure level at 1 m: 39 dB(A)
Energy recovering (winter)**: 91% - Dimensions (WxHxD mm): 1178x276x773

Supplementary heat exchange: Total cooling capacity (¹): 1950 W - Heating capacity (²): 2050 W.

(*) Outdoor temperature 35 °C, 50% RH.
(**) Indoor temperature 20 °C / 50% RH - outdoor temperature -5 °C / 80% RH.
(1) Inlet air condition 27 °C 48% RH, in/out water temperature 7/12 °C, nominal airflow rate.
(2) Inlet air condition 20 °C, in/out water temperature 45/40 °C, nominal airflow rate.


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