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Controlled mechanical ventilation Recupera DRY - Controlled mechanical ventilation unitwithdehumidificationandairtreatment for residential horizontal installation

Requirements in terms of room air quality and economy are increasingly demanded in latest generation buildings.
In the light of the price increase of energy, the exterior parts of buildings are subjected to increasingly more sophisticated heat insulation and protection interventions. Consequently, the demand for heat in terms of transmission is much lower than the demand for heat in terms of ventilation.
Thus, the treatment of the air, aimed at saving energy and for the healthiness of the rooms, today represents one of the most important design challenges in the construction sector.
At the same time, the user’s sensitivity has also increased regarding the quality of the air and the necessity to prevent harmful effects on human health. The replacement and treatment of the room air therefore assume an increasingly important meaning.
Emmeti, proposes Recupera DRY, an integrated solution of Controlled Mechanical Ventilation (CMV) units with dehumidification and air treatment for rooms in the home. By combining this with a radiant system and a unique system for distribution of the air into the rooms, the air can be treated in the different seasons and for varied room comfort requirements.

How does Recupera DRY work
A controlled mechanical ventilation system ensures constant air renewal in the respective rooms in the home, extracting it from the most polluted environments, such as bathrooms, kitchens and laundries; introducing fresh air, withdrawn from the common areas of the home such as the living room and bedrooms.
With Recupera DRY, connected to the ventilation system and to the heating plant circuit, it is possible to treat the air and ensure maximum environment comfort and minimum air consumption.

Recupera DRY, controlled mechanical ventilation unit with dehumidification and air treatme...
Recupera DRY, controlled mechanical ventilation unit with dehumidification and air treatme...


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