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Recupera SLIM, controlled mechanical ventilation dual-flow ducted unit with heat recovery for horizontal installation

The range

BASIC version
Mod. SLIM B-110 (for ceiling installation)
Mod. SLIM B-120 (for ceiling or underfloor installation)

• Single speed operation
• Two speed operation
• Three speed operation with external control SEL4W 42M, which also allows for the free-cooling function to be activated
• Variable speed operation by means of an external home automation system “BMS”, not provided by EMMETI
• Manual by-pass present only for mod. B-110

Mod. SLIM A-110 (for ceiling installation)
Mod. SLIM A-120 (for ceiling or underfloor installation)

The unit is supplied with a multi-function control panel for Recupera SLIM, featuring an LCD display with the following
control/connection options:
• Set and select 3 speeds
• Boost function
• Holiday Mode / Night Mode
• "Free cooling" operation
• Automatic By-pass module present only in mod. A-110
• Flow balancing
• Filter and fault maintenance indicator
• Operating time counter
• Save and load settings
• Clean contacts for the connection to remote ambient sensors such as SEIRxx, SEHRxx, SECO2W
• 1-10V analogue input for "slave" mode if connected to a home automation system
• Integrated S/L terminal to activate boost mode from a remote switch, e.g. light or dedicated
• Pre or Post heating battery connection


Specific energy consumption: A - Thermal efficiency of heat recovery: 82% (mod. SLIM B-110, A-110), 84% (mod. SLIM B-120, A-120)
Power supply: 230V~ 50 Hz - Max working ambient temperature: 40 °C

Aeraulic performance measured according to the standard ISO 5801 at 230V~ 50 Hz, air density 1,2 Kg/m³

In accordance with Regulation EU n. 1254/2014


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