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Controlled mechanical ventilation Recupera ONE - Punctual controlled mechanical ventilation alternate flow unit with heat recovery, residential

Punctual CMV alternate single-flow unit with heat recovery, available in Ø100mm and Ø150mm, ultra-low power consumption.
Ideal system for installation in individual environments such as living rooms and bedrooms: for a better balance of flows, it is generally used in tandem with another unit, with opposing flows and with both units synchronised with each other. Suitable for perimeter wall installation.
Optimal solution to ensure the removal of CO2 and indoor pollutants and to prevent condensation and mildew problems which inevitably damage the structure and jeopardise the health of occupants.

Constructional characteristics
• Structure made from high-quality ABS, shock- and UV ray resistant, colour RAL 9010. Elegant design front cover and minimalist lines, removable for cleaning and maintenance.
• Washable dust filter easily removable from the inside by the user.
• EC motor with very low power consumption.
• Regenerative heat exchanger with ceramic pack, very high thermal efficiency (up to 90%).
• Telescopic tube that can be adapted to the thickness of the perimeter wall.
• External soundproof and weatherproof terminal with insect-proof mesh.
• Alternate flow with direction reversal every 70 seconds.
• Multi-speed: possibility to select the operating speed from 3 different options, with SEL4xx accessory.
The maximum speed (Boost) can also be activated via environmental sensors such as SEHRxx o SEIRxx.
• Free cooling (Bypass) to avoid heat recovery when it is not needed.
• Built-in LED to indicate when the "Free cooling" function is activated.
• Simplified synchronisation of the unit (for paired installation).
• Very easy maintenance, including cleaning of the exchanger pack.
• 100% recyclable plastic.
• Double electrical insulation: does not require earthing.
• Designed and manufactured according to the standard EN 60335-2-80 (Low Voltage Directive) and the EMC Directive (Electromagnetic Compatibility).

Recupera ONE, controlled mechanical ventilation alternate flow unit (decentralised) with h...
Recupera ONE, controlled mechanical ventilation alternate flow unit (decentralised) with h...


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