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Dehumidifier with supplementary heat exchange for recessed ceiling mounting ECAP 500RD-4

The ECAP 500RD-4 dehumidifier is a ceiling-mounted ductable machine, designed as a component of the cooling plant with radiant panels. The unit uses the availability of cooled water (15-20 °C) to dehumidify the air more efficiently with respect to a normal dehumidifier, however sending air at a temperature no higher than the inlet air. Using an electric command, the machine can also dispose of the heat developed by the cooling circuit directly into the cooled water, thus cooling the outlet air that integrates radiant panel cooling.

Operating description
The ECAP 500RD-4 use the water cooled to 15-18 °C available for the radiant panels system to cool the air for the first time.
The use of cooled water to pre-cool the air is essential for the efficiency of the process, because in this way it is possible
- to treat the external air and take it to a temperature suitable for the cooling cycle dehumidification treatment
- to make the cooling compressor use the least amount of electric power possible.
The air treatment process varies according to whether you wish to obtain neutral outlet air or cooled with respect to the inlet temperature.

Description of the main components
: in galvanised sheet panels, coated internally with an open cell expanded polyurethane sound-absorbing cladding.
Filtering section: galvanised sheet filtering structure, G3 filter that can be removed form all sides of the machine.
Cooling circuit: with copper pipes, aluminium finned coils with copper piping, water-freon heat exchanger with braze-welded stainless steel sheets. Cooling reciprocating rotary compressor; filter for humidity, thermostatic expansion valve, on-off valve on the circuit to change the operating mode.
Hydraulic circuit: with copper pipes, aluminium finned coil with copper piping for pre-treatment of the air, plate heat exchanger for cooling the refrigerant, on-off valve to change the operating mode. The galvanised sheet machine frame contains the air treatment finned coils unit, the cooling circuit for dehumidification, the inlet air filter, the condensate collection tray, the delivery fan, the command and management electric control board.
Fan: centrifugal with forward facing blades, double inlet with 6-speed direct drive motor; the operating speed can be configured by selecting the wires to connect to the electric power supply.


Refrigerant R134a (GWP = 1430): 0,77 kg - Static pressure (max): 60 Pa - Inlet air temperature (min-max): 15 - 35 °C - Total cooling capacity: 3370 W* - Sensible cooling capacity: 2260 W* - Nominal water flow: 550 l/h - Water pressure drop: 16 kPa - Inlet water temperature (min-max): 15 - 22 °C - Power supply: 230 V~/ 50 Hz - Dimensions (WxHxD mm): 732 x 711 x 322 - Net weight: 52 kg

Supplementary heat exchange:
Total cooling capacity: 3190 W (¹) - Sensible cooling capacity: 2400 W (¹) - Heating capacity: 2050 W (²) - Water pressure drop: 23 kPa (²)

(*) Inlet air condition 26 °C 65% UR, inlet water temperature 15 °C, nominal airflow rate
(¹) Inlet air condition 27 °C 48% UR, in/out water temperature 7/12 °C, nominal airflow rate
(²) Inlet air condition 20 °C, in/out water temperature 45/40 °C, nominal airflow rate


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