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Digital thermoregulator IdroLAN (Power IdroLAN)

System IdroLAN
To guarantee high standards of climatic comfort it is not enough just to design and construct an air-conditioning system composed of selected and reliable components, it is also fully integrated and harmonised with the intelligent systems that manage it. Only a deep synergy between the performance of the terminal unit and the thermo-regulation devices can guarantee the excellence of the results and the satisfaction with efficiency and simplicity of the more modern needs of comfort management. The Digital System IdroLAN has been developed for the control and complete management of air terminal units (fan convectors, hydronic cassettes, ductable units) destined for environmental air-conditioning and residential or commercial use. The device has been made to be able to be planned and used in different types of plants with extreme simplicity and reliability.

The Digital System IdroLAN can be operated at different levels:
- Single configuration (Stand-alone): the power board (Digital IdroLAN) is installed in a terminal unit and linked to a Console where the user can set the operating mode and the comfort status.
- Centralised configuration by means of a ModBus RTU net: the power board (Digital IdroLAN) as well as receiving the commands from the respective consoles, can be also linked to a centralised management system (e.g. MASTER Console) or Supervision (BMS).

Power IdroLAN
The digital thermo-regulator POWER IdroLAN consists of an electronic board in the electric box of the terminal unit. The board is powered by the same supply voltage (230V~) as the air-conditioning unit and you can directly activate compatible loads with the same voltage.
The board is provided with a voltage transformer (230/12V~) that, in addition to ensuring the supply of electronics and for the possible linkage of the CONSOLE IdroLAN to the same, assures a separation between the voltage of the net and the various inputs and outputs (digital and analogue) present on the same. For the management of the board functions POWER IdroLAN has used the latest generation microprocessor with flash technology of 32k of memory that, in addition to driving the digital and analogue Input/Output of the board, manages also the two serial ports (RS485) ModBus and LocalBus.
The POWER IdroLAN board has a ModBus address, necessary for the identification and the management of the same in the case of a centralised system. For the setting of various operating parameters and the verification of the Input/Output status of the POWER IdroLAN the LCD CONSOLE can be used and/or the RS-485 net through the standard ModBus (RTU) protocol.


The IdroLAN Thermoregulator is supplied in the cassette (ECI-2xxx).


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