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Cassette thermo-ventilation unit ECI

Constructional and operational characteristics
• The main structure is made in galvanised steel, completely insulated internally with closed cell thermo-insulating material.
The heat exchanger is of the finned coil type with copper pipes and aluminium fins.
• The ventilation unit, mounted in a central position, comprises a fan in plastic material and an electric motor that can be of the type:
- Single-phase AC, six-speed of which three are connected as standard.
- Brushless single-phase DC for continuous speed adjustment according to needs of the air-conditioned environment and a consequent energy saving.
• The control cabinet comprises a box in galvanised steel in which are internally mounted the terminal blocks for the electric connections and the Power IdroLAN board for the management of the motor speed and the activation of the electric valve.
The control cabinet is fixed in an external side position on the side of the hydraulic connections.
• The cassettes are delivered complete with a pump for condensation drainage (with a non-return valve on the outlet). The pump is initiated via a dedicated float switch; a second switch provides for the possible failure of the power supply to the electric valve (cold) in case a pre-determined level of water in the basin is exceeded, caused by a malfunction of the drainage system.
• The air filter comprises an easily removable metal frame, thanks to the presence of fabric tabs on the same, on which is fixed a washable polypropylene net.
• The intake grilles are made in white thermoplastic material (ABS), with a very subtle design, and they cover the air diffusion openings in such a way as to prevent the people present in the environment from being directly enveloped by the air flow.
• The outlet diffuser is made in white thermoplastic material (ABS) and allows for the distribution of air on 4 sides of the cassette. On each side of the cassette are deflector fins , they have the function of adjusting the air flow by closing one or two sides.
• A three-way valve 3/4” (Kvs 2,5) with an electro-thermic servo control on/off 230V ~.

EST (Energy Saving Technology
EST (Energy Saving Technology) is a technology applied to the Emmeti cassette models ECI...-DC that allows for the attainment of extremely low power input and a continuous modulation of the air flow depending on the actual energy requirement of the environment. EST comprises a brushless motor, combined with dedicated electronics (inverter). With respect to the traditional units with asynchronous three-speed motor, the cassettes with brushless motors allow for the attainment of a substantial energy saving, reducing consumption by up to 70%.


Power supply (V-ph-Hz): 230V ~ 50Hz

Data referred to the maximum speed and to the following conditions:
(*) Cooling: Inlet water 7 °C, ΔT=5 °C and inlet air temperature 27 °C d.b. / 19 °C w.b.
(**) Heating: Inlet water 50 °C, nominal air flow determined under the conditions (*) and inlet air temperature 20 °C.

(¹) Models on request (available in about 30 days from the order confirmation)


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