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Thermo-ventilation air unit UTO-UTV - Residential terminal air unit with Brushless EC motor

EMMETI proposes a new line of thermal ventilating units with BRUSHLESS-DC technology for ceiling-installation “UTO” or built-into walls “UTV” for the cooling and heating of residential or commercial environments (offices, shops, hotels) and they have been designed to meet the growing needs of environmental comfort, energy saving and use with hot or cold water produced by a heat pump.
The air is distributed within the rooms thanks to a ducting that is simple to install and easy to place on the ceiling.
Thanks to the presence of Brushless motors, the units are also distinguished by:
• Continuous variation (from 0-100%) of the air flow and consequent modulation of the heat capacity in function of the real needs of environmental comfort.
• Maximum silence of operation (the unit finds operating balance at a lower number of revolutions and therefore produces less noise.
• Saving on electrical energy consumption due to the greater efficiency and longer motor life compared to traditional AC motors.

Constructional characteristics
• Supporting structure in galvanised steel of considerable thickness with holes (slots) for the fixing of the structure directly to the wall/ceiling + internal thermal acoustic insulation
• Condensation collection basin equipped with drain and thermal insulation (class M1).
For the vertical version only: Condensation Drain Funnel with 20 mm connector, in plastic (as standard on the same side as the hydraulic connections) that ends on the outside of the shoulder of the unit, for an easy and quick connection to the condensation evacuation pipe.
• High efficiency thermal exchange battery made of copper pipe and aluminium fins locked by means of mechanical expansion.
Battery connections equipped with an anti-torsion system, manual air release valve, and manual water evacuation valve.
Standard connections on the left: Battery tested to 30 Bar pressure, suitable for operating with water up to a maximum pressure of 15 Bar.
• Ventilation unit comprises 1 or 2 double intake centrifugal fans with the Latest Generation Plastic Impellors (forward curving blades) directly coupled to the electric motor.
Mounted on elastic supports with dampers.
Fan statically and dynamically balanced. Fans of large diameter (= high air flow and high static pressure) with low number of revolutions (= low noise).
Latest generation Brushless EC Motor, permanent magnet, without brushes, continuous current, equipped with control electronics (Inverter).
IP 40, Class B, electric cables protected with double insulation. Constructed according to international standards, 230Vac-1Ph-50/60Hz.
Continuously adjustable number of revolutions 0-100% (and therefore of the air-flow rate and consequently of the potential cooling/heating) through 0…10Vdc. modulating control signal.
Inverter with Dip-switch to set different types of motor control software (following software available: “Constant speed”; “Constant torque”; “Constant tension”) + Dip-switch to redistribute the operating range on a new more limited range (from 0…10Vdc up to 0….6,5Vdc).
Ventilation unit is easy to remove (fixed with only 4 screws).
• The standard unit is delivered equipped with the terminal plate already mounted on the unit (as standard on the side opposite the hydraulic connections).

Thermo-ventilation unit UTO, complete solution, ready for installation
Thermo-ventilation unit UTO, complete solution, ready for installation
Thermo-ventilation unit UTO, set-up solution
Thermo-ventilation unit UTO, set-up solution
Thermo-ventilation unit UTV, set-up solution
Thermo-ventilation unit UTV, set-up solution


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