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Fan coil Silence THIN ETI, built-in, 'Evoluta' version, predisposed for connection with CRB-DCT remote control

Vertical fan-coil wall and horizontal ceiling - 1 coil (2 pipe system).

Technical characteristics
Built-in fan coil for vertical wall or horizontal ceiling installation, featuring an electronic temperature controller for remote control by means of a wall-mounted Broadcast command “CRB-DCT” (mandatory accessory).
A single CRD-DCT command can be connected to up to 30 temperature controllers. The most common application is that of a big room where a single CRB-DCT thermostat can control several terminals electrically connected to one another.
The temperature controller controls the electric valve of the supply circuit of the heat exchanger and the fan speed.
It features a LED that indicates the operating status and any faults (LED on the circuit board).
By means of the special water temperature probe present on the heat exchanger, the temperature controller activates ventilation when the water temperature in heating mode is >30 °C and in cooling mode is <20 °C.


Power supply (V-ph-Hz): 230-1-50

Data referred to the maximum speed and to the following conditions:
(*) Cooling: water 7/12 °C and inlet air temperature 27 °C d.b. / 19 °C w.b. (UNI EN 1397)
(**) Heating: inlet water 50 °C and inlet air temperature 20 °C d.b. / 15 °C w.b. (UNI EN 1397)

(¹) Models on request (available in about 20 days from the order confirmation)

If fan coil is watched frontally, standard plumbing fittings will be to the left and the control is placed in the opposite side of the fittings
MAX water inlet temperature 80 °C, MIN temp. 4 °C


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