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Fan coil Silence THIN ETM, with cover cabinet, 'Base' version

Vertical fan-coil wall/floor - 1 coil (2 pipe system).

Technical characteristics
Fan coil with cover cabinet for vertical wall/floor installation, featuring SMART TOUCH electronic control to control the room temperature and set the fan speed.
The command on board the machine features 8 amber capacitative keys to select the desired temperature, the fan speed with AUTO function (adjustment of speed in steps), ON/OFF function, cooling / heating and amber display.
The temperature adjustment range goes from 16 °C to 28 °C with a resolution of 1°C. Thanks to the summer-winter switch and the water temperature probe (10 kOhm) situated in the box on the battery of the device, it can manage the functions of minimum in heating (30 °C) and maximum in cooling (20 °C); the board also provides for operation without the probe, in which case the minimum and maximum thresholds are ignored.
On the electronic board are available two dip-switches, one to activate the destratification cycle and the other to start the heating without ventilation.
The control panel is equipped with a memory, so all settings will not be lost neither when the device is turned off nor in the event of a power failure.
After a period of 20 seconds from the last action, the brightness of the panel is reduced to increase comfort during the night and the display shows the room temperature.
At the touch of any key, the maximum brightness is restored.


Power supply (V-ph-Hz): 230-1-50

Data referred to the maximum speed and to the following conditions:
(*) Cooling: water 7/12 °C and inlet air temperature 27 °C d.b. / 19 °C w.b. (UNI EN 1397)
(**) Heating: inlet water 50 °C and inlet air temperature 20 °C d.b. / 15 °C w.b. (UNI EN 1397)

(¹) Models on request (available in about 20 days from the order confirmation)

If fan coil is watched frontally, standard plumbing fittings will be to the left and the control is placed in the opposite side of the fittings
MAX water inlet temperature 80 °C, MIN temp. 4 °C
The CP2 feets are optional


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