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On/off Air-Water wall-mounted heat pump Eco Hot Water Pensile, for domestic hot water

Constructional characteristics
• Water boiler with 100 litres capacity, made of S235 JR steel with internal inorganic coating made according to the DIN 4753 Parte 3 e UNI 10025 regulations, thermic insulation in hard thick expanded polyurethane (PU) without CFC and HCFC.
• External coating in metal sheet varnished with epossidic powders (white) and plastic material (ABS).
• Mounting brackets for wall installation.
• Magnesium anode for corrosion prevention.
• Hydraulic links located on the bottom part.
• Non submerged capacitor wrapped around the steel boiler.
• Integrated electric resistance 2 kW 230 V~ activable through switches located inside control panel for heating of ranging from 55 °C (max temp with heating pump only) to 75 °C.
• Rotary compressor for maximum efficiency and reducing noise.
• Centrifugal fan for canalization of the necessary air for the proper functioning of the heating pump.
• Winged pack evaporator.
• R134a ecological cooling fluid.
• Complete electronic control with control panel equipped with LCD touch display, water temp gauge, bright functioning heating pump and electric resistance gauge, commands with relative gauges for the activation of the various functioning modes, warnings for eventual alarm malfunction, such as: antilegionella function, setting / display of date and hour, hot water temp setting, timer and holiday function settings.

Working range
Inlet air temperature: -7 - 35 °C
Water temperature (heat pump): 10 - 75 °C
Installation room temperature: 10 - 35 °C
Minimum volume of room installation: 30 m³


Installation with heat source: Indoor air DB 20 °C ( Outdoor air DB 7 °C ), according the Regulations EU n° 812-814/2013 and Standard EN 16147:2011

Water heating energy efficiency class: A+ (A+)

Refrigerant R134a (GWP=1430) - Power supply: 230V~ 50Hz - Weight (net/with water): 62 / 162 kg


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