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Single Inverter cassette air conditioner ECH 48÷60 kBtu

Cassette models characteristics:
-Flaps with mobile antifouling fins:
Mobile fins have been studied with antifouling system, they effectively control flow and air direction and issue clean air too. The clean air issued avoids dirtying the ceiling. Standard quality level of the filter allows to clean it much far away in time. Therefore when many units are installed , cleanness operations and maintenance will be greatly reduced.
-Silent mode: The fan blade has an irregular propeller design, internal unit can work at a lower noise level.
-Easy and quick maintenance: From the frontal panel you can easily access to the filters to clean them periodically or to substitute them.
Operation and technical characteristics:
-Cooling mode
-Heating mode
-DRY/Dehumidification: To reduce relative humidity without turning the temperature down too much.
-AUTO/Automatic mode: It chooses functioning mode according to the set parameters to allow an ideal and comfortable condition to the ambience.
-Ventilation mode: Three speeds available plus automatic.
-Four delivery openings: The internal unit has four air delivery openings. The air flow direction is adjusted by four baffles.
-Remote control: Liquid crystal display (LCD) with clear indication of functions.
-TIMER/Timer setting: To preset the startup and the shutdown of the air conditioner.
-SLEEP/Night-time setting: To maintain optimum temperature during sleep periods.
-AIRSWING/Manual movement of vertical deflector: To manually adjust air flux vertical.
-AUTODIAGNOSIS/Maintenance: It indicates any functioning problems.
-AUTORESTART/Automatic restarting: To automatically restart the system after an interruption of the power supply.
-Anti-dust filter: The indoor unit is equipped with a purification filter of the dust.
-Key Lock of the remote control: To block all the remote control functions
-Double temperature range: It allows to set/visualize the temperature in °C or °F.
-Soft mode: To achieve conditions of lower noisiness.
-Compressor maintenance: To ensure a longer compressor lifetime, we have equipped the compressor with a start and stop controller. Waiting time between stop and start is three minutes.
-Power mode: To obtain quick Cooling or Heating.
-On-off card: Card to activate the functioning of the indoor unit.
-Water drainage pump: Water upwards drainage mechanism creates the ideal solution to assure a perfect water drainage, it offers more flexibility to the installation.


Refrigerant R410A (GWP = 2088) - Power supply (V-ph-Hz): 230-1-50 (IU), 400-3-50 (OU)

(*) Cooling P design: internal temperature = 27(19) °C; external temperature = 35 °C
(**) Heating standard nominal conditions: internal temperature = 20 °C; external temperature = 7 °C
Data according to Regulation EU n. 2016/2281
Performance according to standard EN 14511:2013 and EN 14825:2016

(IU) = indoor unit - (OU) = outdoor unit


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