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Air conditioner without outdoor unit X-ONE

The X-ONE monobloc air conditioner range consists of the following three models:

X-ONE 0818 model (on/off)
X-ONE is the new solution by EMMETI, a significant step towards reducing the aesthetic impact of air conditioners. Being only 16 centimetres deep, X-ONE is the thinnest and less bulky in its category, therefore both the internal and external aesthetic impact is kept to a minimum. Optimized capacities thanks to the use of a 1.7 kW ON-OFF compressor so as to obtain the right temperature for the best level of comfort and, therefore, less consumption and less noise. Thanks to the careful choice of sound insulation materials, the noise is similar to that of a standard wall split unit and consumption is drastically contained thanks to the new direct current fan.

X-ONE 1018 DC (Inverter) model
EMMETI has made the Inverter technique perfect so to have the best in noise level and performances, therefore with further reduction of consumption and better maintain of set temperature and humidity in the room. This is thanks to the most innovative BLDC (brushless direct current) Inverter control, so to get the best from this technology: any vibration has been eliminated. Both fan motors are BLDC. Energy consumption is very low thanks to adsorption values that, in part load, are lower than 300 W. Very high EER values permit to achieve the “A+” energy efficiency class, the best in the category of installed monobloc airconditioners.

X-ONE 1118 DC (Inverter) model with integrated eletrical heater
The heating capacity of an air heat pump is reduced when the outside temperatures drop. Sufficient thermal capacity of the air conditioner is often required even at very low outside temperatures. For this, EMMETI has developed the “X-ONE1118DC” version where the heat pump’s operation is integrated (and not replaced) by a 1 kW electrical resistance that automatically intervenes for very low external temperatures or to rapidly heat very cold environments. In this way X-ONE1118DC “can ensure a thermal power in heating of more than 2 kW even at -7 ° C with an additional power consumption, equal to 1 kW, content and compatible with that normally available in homes. X-ONE1118DC can really be the only source of domestic heating, even in the presence of particularly harsh climates.
Operation and technical characteristics:
-Ventilation mode: Three speeds available plus automatic.
-Cooling mode
-Heating mode
-Dehumidification mode: To reduce relative humidity without turning the temperature down too much.
-AUTO/Automatic operation: This selects the operating mode based on pre-set parameters to provide the room with conditions of utmost comfort.
-TIMER/Timer setting: To preset the startup and the shutdown of the air conditioner.
-SLEEP/Night-time setting: To maintain optimum temperature during sleep periods.
-AUTORESTART/Automatic restarting: To automatically restart the system after an interruption of the power supply.
-AUTODIAGNOSIS/Maintenance: It indicates any functioning problems.
-Anti-dust filter: The indoor unit is equipped with a purification filter of the dust.
-Remote control: Liquid crystal display (LCD) with clear indication of functions.
-AIRSWING/Automatic movement of the vertical flap: Automatic adjustment of the vertical air flow direction.


Refrigerant R410A (GWP = 2088) - Power supply (V-ph-Hz): 230-1-50 - Dimensions (WxHxD mm): 1010 x 550 x 165

(*) Cooling standard nominal conditions: internal temperature = 27(19) °C; external temperature = 35 °C
(**) Heating standard nominal conditions: internal temperature = 20 °C; external temperature = 7 °C
Data according to Regulation EU n. 206/2012, n. 626/2011
Performance according to standard EN 14511:2013 and EN 14825:2016
Sound power according to standard EN12102-1:2017

In the case of using the unit in heating or cooling mode with external temperatures below 23 °C, it must be prepared a condensate drain to be connected to the rear part of the unit.


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