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X-ONE: Air conditioner without outdoor unit - X-ONE: monobloc air conditioner without outdoor unit, residential line

X-ONE is the new monobloc air conditioner. It is the ideal solution for buildings with special architectonic requirements or where particular town planning restrictions prevent the installation of the traditional Outdoor Unit.

X-ONE needs just a simple wall where two holes, with diameter of 16 cm, can be made for the inlet and outlet of the external air. They are equipped with vents that close when the unit is off, in this way reducing environmental impact to a minimum, preventing useless air currents and the intrusion of insects or other foreign bodies when unit is not running.

Thanks to the use of latest generation components such as DC electric fans and the use of a new BLDC (brushless direct current) inverter adjustment, X-ONE offers great efficiency and a low noisiness level and can be installed vertically at the top or bottom of the wall.

X-ONE operating modes can be selected via the appropriate remote control or the control panel on board, where status and operating conditions are displayed.

Types of installation
- Installation wall low position
- Installation wall high position
(the accessory for lower outdoor closure is required for this type of installation)

Advantages that make the difference

Integrated management

All X-ONE air conditioners are equipped with a control panel that allows you to view the operating status and to set any function including a “block” function that avoids any inappropriate use. An infrared remote control is also supplied as standard, making it possible to set the main functions of the air conditioner even remotely.

Operation in cold climates
During winter functioning, the condensate collection tray often freezes; this does not occur in the X-ONE model because it is heated constantly.

Easy to install
X-ONE can be installed at the top or bottom of any outdoor wall.
The output air diverter automatically adjusts the direction of air escaping on the basis of the type of installation selected by just pressing a button.

Nocturnal well-being button
By activating this function immediately before falling asleep, the air-conditioning controller X-ONE manages the gradual variation of the set room temperature and after six hours, activates the stand-by mode thus maximizing comfort, energy saving and silent operation of the air conditioner.

Timer function
The periods of activation of the X-ONE air conditioner can be programmed directly by the user.

AUTO well-being (economic automatic mode)
By selecting this function, the air conditioner is self-regulating so as to obtain the best level of comfort in the room. The conditioner,
depending on the set temperature, automatically activates the operating mode (cooling or heating) and the ventilation speed, according to the room temperature.

Features X-ONE models

Capacity set

In the X-ONE inverter models it is possible to set three modes of adjustment of the air conditioner capacity:
- FIXED (Min, Med, or Max). The greater the power set, the greater the performance of the appliance, but the lower is its silence.
- AUTOMATIC, the air conditioner automatically modulates the capacity according to the deviation between the room temperature value and the set one. Only in Dehumidification or Nocturnal well-being modes, this modulation is not available because the device is forced to the Min. Capacity (fixed).
- BOOST, the air conditioner increases the nominal capacity, for the duration of thirty minutes, so as to exploit all the available power (only in the Heating or Cooling mode), for example to reach the desired temperature in the shortest possible time.

By activating this mode the appliance dehumidifies the environment and is particularly useful in the middle seasons, where excessive humidity makes the environment uncomfortable. In this mode, the room temperature and fan speed settings that are forced to the minimum value are not considered.

Air conditioning management via “WiFi” SmartPhone
The XONE1018DC and XONE1118DC models are equipped with a WiFi module that allows you to use your smartphone as a remote control. If the air conditioner is installed in an environment where there is sufficient WiFi signal of the router accessing the internet, after having downloaded the appropriate “EMMETI-XONE” APP from the stores (Android or iOS) it is possible to manage the operation of the air conditioner even outside the home, thus optimizing the comfort and efficiency of the air conditioning system.

Air conditioner without outdoor unit X-ONE
Air conditioner without outdoor unit X-ONE
Lower outdoor closure
Lower outdoor closure


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