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Multi Inverter duct air conditioner X-ECO

Operation and technical characteristics:
-Ventilation mode: Three speeds available plus automatic.
-Cooling mode
-Heating mode
-DRY/Dehumidification mode: To reduce relative humidity without turning the temperature down too much.
-AUTO/Automatic operation: This selects the operating mode based on pre-set parameters to provide the room with conditions of utmost comfort.
-Digital clock: Visualization of the clock from the remote control.
-TIMER/Timer setting: To preset the startup and the shutdown of the air conditioner.
-SLEEP/Night-time setting: To maintain optimum temperature during sleep periods.
-Turbo function: To cool or heat the room intensely.
-Blow function: Fan runs when unit is stopped to prevent generation of mould and odors inside indoor unit.
-TEMP function: When the TEMP symbol is displayed the internal temperature of the room is showed for 5 seconds.
-Double temperature range: It allows to set/visualize the temperature in °C or °F.
-AUTORESTART/Automatic restarting: To automatically restart the system after an interruption of the power supply.
-AUTODIAGNOSIS/Maintenance: It indicates any functioning problems.
-Anti-dust filter: The indoor unit is equipped with a purification filter of the dust.
-Remote control: Liquid crystal display (LCD) with clear indication of functions.
-Remote control functions block: To block all the functions directly from the remote control.
-AIRSWING/Automatic movement of the vertical flap: Automatic adjustment of the vertical air flow direction.
-I Feel function: The real perceived room temperature from the remote control is sent to the infrareds receiver of the internal unit which will set it automatically (I Feel function is not available if connected wired remote control).
-Wire remote control: Standard connection with cable length mt 8.
-Wire remote control functions block: To block all the functions directly from the wire remote control.
-Water drainage pump: Water upwards drainage mechanism creates the ideal solution to assure a perfect water drainage, it offers more flexibility to the installation.
-Multi-speed fan: Three speed settings are available.


Refrigerant R410A (GWP = 2088) - Power supply (V-ph-Hz): 230-1-50

(*) Cooling standard nominal conditions: internal temperature = 27(19) °C; external temperature = 35 °C
(**) Heating standard nominal conditions: internal temperature = 20 °C; external temperature = 7 °C
Performance according to standard EN 14511:2013

(IU) = indoor unit


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