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X-One Inverter, the air conditioner without outdoor unit

24.11.2016 - products

X-One Inverter, the air conditioner without outdoor unit

X-One is the new air conditioner proposed by EMMETI and dedicated to installations where the external unit cannot be installed. X-One does not need the external unit: it is just necessary to create two small ducts for the air flow circulation, forced by a fan. Thanks to last generation components like a DC fan, X-One has a very high efficiency with a very low noise level.

X-One is recently available into 9000 BTU/h Inverter version, which reaches A+ class in cooling.

Contact us to know more, or visit the dedicate page of our website.  

EMMETI First Box and Modular First Box

15.09.2016 - products

EMMETI First Box and Modular First Box

EMMETI is remembering you the available range of distribution groups proposed to all markets: "First Box" is the traditional version, installed since years and successful thanks to the simple adjustment and the very compact dimensions.

Beside First Box, proposal is completed by the new Modular First Box, where highest flow rates are possible thanks to the 3 way mixing valve with By-Pass. Contact us to know more.

TM3 Mixing Unit Improvements

11.08.2016 - products

TM3 Mixing Unit Improvements

Thanks to its performances and features, TM3 Mixing Unit is becoming one of the most successful products by EMMETI. To keep improving the possible applications, we decided to create an accessory which allows to combine the low temperature loops with some high temperature ones, dedicated to radiators or fan coils.

The high temperature loops are very easy to connect and they can fit in some metal boxes proposed by EMMETI.
To know more contact us.

Summer Holidays 2016

19.07.2016 - events

Summer Holidays 2016

Emmeti Summer Holidays: from August 15th to August 21st.

Full radiator valves now ¾

30.06.2016 - products

Full radiator valves now ¾

EMMETI has recently completed its range of radiator valves introducing Full ¾" models.

¾" range has been developed focusing on high flow rates too, as for all Full models.
To know more contact us or visit our website.

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